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Grassroots Arkansas 

Grassroots Arkansas is a coalition of activist dedicated to fighting for an equitable Central Arkansas. We want to bring an end to social, economic, political injustice and inequality by transforming the power relations and structures that create and hold them in place. We place education at the democratic center of this struggle that reaches every aspect of our lives. 

Recent Activities: 

  • We fought against the Little Rock School District state takeover, which removed fair representation and accountability. 

  • Under the Save Our Schools campaign, we opposed the closure of several elementary school buildings. We continue to oppose any further school closures. 

  • We oppose the expansion of charter schools that erode true equitable public education in the Little Rock School District. 

  • We ran a successful campaign against the LRSD millage vote, which would have led to more unnecessary debt without accountability on how that money was being spent.  

  • We continue to hold our elected officials accountable and responsible to all the residents of Little Rock. 

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